Logistics Services  
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        1.    【Business Overview】
              Zhongbo Communications has 50 years of experience in logistics operation of telecom supplies and owns a number of logistics qualifications. Its services include warehousing and distribution, procurement service, reverse logistics, and logistics consultancy. It provides long-term customized logistic services for major telecom operators and manufacturers of China and other customers in the business community and the government. Its comprehensive strength is among the top in the logistics industry.

              Excellent service team, consisting of high-quality talents qualified in communications and logistics, economic specialists distribution center, which is equipped with modern logistics equipment and can deploy more than 1,000 transportation vehicles with a total transportation capacity of 15,000 tons.
              Advanced information system, uses RFID technology, allocates bar codes to storage positions, and has real monitoring of all parts of warehousing and distribution operations.
              Complete logistics network, which is based in Jiangsu and extends to north-east and other parts of China, with service centers in 34 provinces and cities.

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